DVD to Nexus 5X/6P Converter - Convert DVD to Any Goolge Nexus Model (5X/6P)

Read on to find out how you can rip and convert DVD to Nexus 5X/6P and any other android model compatible format with ease.

Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P?
Let's work through it together. Choose your own adventure:

1. Do you want a smaller and more manageable phone? Or are you okay with a larger device?

If the former, go 5X. If the latter, go 6P. That part's easy.

2. Does the idea of having a more premium phone matter to you? Or is plastic just as fantastic in your book?

If you said "yay" to the first question, the 6P is the Nexus for you. If your "yippee!" fell on the second half, the 5X might be your cup of tea.

3. How much do you care about smartphone displays? Do you want the best possible one out there -- or is that not something you really focus on, so pretty good would be good enough?

If top-notch display quality is high on your list, you want the 6P. If it's not something you worry about too much, the 5X is still in the running.

4. Do any of the odds and ends mentioned above mean enough to you to sway your decision?

If so -- well, you know. Respond accordingly.

In general, I'd say this: If you can deal with having a larger phone, I'd go with the 6P. It's an exceptional device in almost every possible way, inside and out. Its carefully crafted body and top-of-the-line display make it a real pleasure to use, and the added niceties like the dual speakers, impeccable performance, and extra camera functions are valuable elements to have.

Consider, too, that the 32GB Nexus 6P costs $499. The 32GB Nexus 5X -- which is the model I'd advise most people to get, as 16GB just isn't a lot of space to have on a phone these days -- costs $429. So with all things equal on storage, we're talking about a fairly small difference in price.

Okay, both phones are fully unlocked and compatible with any U.S. carrier, including Google's unusually priced multi-network Project Fi service. Well, i have a quesiton here! Do you enjoy watching high-definition DVD movies? If you have a smartphone like the Nexus 5X or 6P, you might be missing out on your favorite form of entertainment because the device lacks the DVD drive for you to play these movies directly. Also, DVD movies are generally in large sizes and you need to make them smaller whilst retaining the original quality if you want to save and watch your favorites on Nexus 5X/6P. How to put a DVD on Nexus 5X/6P? Thankfully, all is easy as you can make your DVD movies playable with a quick conversion tool.

Brorsoft DVD Ripper is a dynamic DVD ripping tool that can help you rip DVD (ISO/IFO) to Nexus 5X/6P highly supported MP4 video files with high output video quality and fast ripping speed. Besides, you are allowed to edit the DVD movies by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects, etc. to get the very wanted part and effects as you like. Moreover, this DVD converter can also help you convert DVD to all other popular video formats like AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, FLV, MPG, etc. for playing, uploading and sharing bypassing the DVD copy protection. The equivalent Mac version is Brorsoft DVD Ripper Mac, which can transform DVD movies toNexus 5X/6P on Mac OS X(El Capitan included). Just get it now and follow the steps below to copy DVD movies to Google Nexus 5X/6P for smoothly playing!

Free Download DVD to Nexus 5X/6P Converter:

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)
How to convert DVD movies to Google Nexus 5X/6P playable video

Note: For Windows users, just follow the detailed guide to complete your conversion. The way to add DVD movies to Nexus 5X/6P on Mac OS X is the same. Just make sure you've downloaded the right version.

Step 1: Add DVD Movies

First, insert your DVDs into the disc Drive, and then click Dics icon to load the DVD files to the program. You can also add DVD ISO, DVD folder files that you can want to rip to Nexus 5X/6P.

STEP 2: Choose Output Format

Click the Format bar, follow Android > Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video(*.mp4), which is the optimal output format for your Nexus 5X/6P. The format compresses a 100min DVD movie to 1-1.5GB 1280x800 .mp4 video with pretty good picture.

Step 3: Choose video/audio settings (Optinal)

If you like, click on Settings you could easily set bitrate, frame rate, codec, channels, sample rate, etc to adjust parameters that affect video quality and file size for the video you prefer. Keep in mind that higher video bitrate and larger video resolution results a bigger file size and lower visible quality loss.

Step 4: Start DVD to Nexus 5X/6P conversion

Before start the conversion, you can choose your wanted subtitles from the Subtitles option. When you are satisfied with all the settings, click "Convert" to start ripping DVD to MP4 for Google Nexus 5X/6P.

Once the process completes, download and transfer the converted videos to your Google Nexus 5X/6P. In this way, you can easily play DVD movies on Google Nexus 5X/6P without limitation.

Additional Tips:

If you are considering to get a powerful all-in-one tool to convert videos, Blu-ray movies and DVDs to your Google Nexus 5X/6P or other devices like iPad, Google Nexus 10/7, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 at the same saving time and effort, the all-in-one Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate program will a nice choice for you. If you are running a Mac OS X computer, iMedia Converter Mac is the alternative.

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