Best Workflow: 1080p/720p MP4 files and Adobe Premiere Pro

Summary: Having the trouble importing 1080p/720p MP4 videos to Adobe Premiere Pro for smooth editing? Look no further, find the best solution here!

MP4 is mow becoming popular with camcorders and other digital cameras that record or save to hard drives or memory cards, due to the format takes up less space than other video formats and the video quality is high. Although, it claimed that Adobe Premiere has preset sequence settings for MP4 files that allow real-time editing, editing MP4 recorded format in Premiere Pro still seems fraught with difficulties for many users.

Q1: Does anyone know how to import livestreams mp4's into Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 without the audio going out of sync? There has to be a way to directly import livestream's mp4 without the audio going out of sync when played inside premiere.

Q2: When I import an MP4 clip into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, I get the following message: "File Import Failure, 151_0010_01.mp4, Error Message, The file has no audio or video streams." I have the latest Quicktime, and I have reinstalled Premiere Pro CS6 a few times already. If anyone knows a fix for this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Normally, we would like to use Premiere Pro to edit MP4 videos, including YouTube MP4 videos, Sony DSC-M1 MP4, GoPro MP4 Camcorder videos, etc. in order to get better videos files. Well, Adobe Premiere Pro might not work with some MP4 files sometimes due to the codec issue or other reasons. In this case, to smoothly edit MP4 in Premiere Pro CS5/CS6, the easy workaround is to convert MP4 to MPEG-2 which is the best codecs with best results when working with Adobe. For this purpose, this article will guide through how to rewrap and transcode .mp4 to MPEG-2 .mpg in details.

Tutorial: Converting 1080p/720p MP4 to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro

The quick fix is to use the easy-to-use yet professional app called Brorosft Video Converter which can be used as a top MP4 to Premiere Pro  Converter. It is clean and safe to install and use. With it, you can effortlessly transcode 720p/1080p MP4 files to MPG, and it works well and converts flawlessly. Meanwhile, this video convert tool can create files compatible with various non-linear editing systems like Pinnacle Studio, Window Movie Maker, Avid Media Composer, etc. If you wanna edit MP4 video in Avid, FCE, FCP X, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro, etc under Mac OS X, please turn to Video Converter for Mac. Below is how.

1. Launch the MP4 to Premiere Pro Converter and click "Add File" button to locate the .mp4 file(s) you want to add.

Tip: Check the “Merge into one file” box, you can join several .mp4 clips together if necessary.

2. Choose Premiere Pro preferred format. Click “Format” pull down list to select Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas> MPEG-2(*.mpg) as the best video format for Premiere Pro. WMV, MOV formats are the good choice as well.

3. Click "Settings" to fix the frame rate, bitrate, video size, etc to your needs. To have a smooth editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, you need create the files with the appropriate resolution and frame rate that matches your source footage.

4. Click the big "Convert" button at the bottom right corner to finish endocing MP4 to MPG, WMV for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/CS6.

After the conversion, you can find the output files by clicking "Open" button on the main interface, then you can transfer the encoded MP4 files to your Premiere Pro CS5/CS6 to play and edit without any issue.

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